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Updates on Cases February 25, 2020

Today I can report that we have taken on several Murder and Suspicious Death cases. One of the cases was put on GoFund me here: to help the family with their Investigation expenses. They are beside themselves with grief and needing to find out answers to be able to close this chapter of their lives and be able to move on as best as possible. These are not the only cases we are currently working on, add to that list Spousal and Child Custody cases and other types as well in which have closed several and had successful outcomes in them. I have also began working with additional Attorneys to my 10+ years of working with the same attorneys to help build their cases. So, we are still going strong on picking up cases and putting in many hours of surveillance on top of that, but we can never have too many to work, its just a matter of putting in alot more hours in order to help our Clients out.

I must give a big thank you to the Brighton Police Department Detectives for re-opening a death case based on my investigation and obtained evidence. Also, thank you to the judges in the court system for using my evidence to help my other clients win their cases.

I also wish to thank the award committees for the additional awards we have received recently and can be seen on our website.

I realize that some cases' results were less than favorable outcomes because of either; unwarranted Client involvement and or Client broke their contracts and engaged in activities that compromised their own cases. Add to that those in which nothing was witnessed or found and, Client had a very limited budget or because of personal issues of the Client's that became involved in the Investigator/ Client relationship. I cannot forget to add those that resulted in mixed results due to the fact that simply were the outcomes because a Client wanted us to find evidence that just did NOT exist, to that I say..."You cannot find what isn't there and in wanted to know the truth, sometimes the truth IS that nothing is happening, but you will never know unless you hire us".

However, there were hundreds more that were extremely successful and I truly feel blessed with the cooperation, appreciation and confidence of those Clients who have received successes in their cases. These individuals respected our expertise and allowed us to conduct cases as we see fit based on our knowledge and finely tuned expertise and experiences that were developed from the many years of success and working as Private Investigators.

If you are reading this article and you feel that you may need help in any area of your life and that you feel it is something that you cannot handle alone, please feel free to reach out for a FREE consultation. If you know someone who is struggling and needing to find the truth in any matter, please give them our contact information so that we can help them.

May you know the truth,



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