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Missing Person/Death Investigations

Do you Suspect that someone you love or know has been murdered and their death does not make sense? Are there Suspicions of how that person actually died? Have the Police or other agencies dropped the case or never opened one? Do you believe that it was a case of wrongful death? If so, let us help you find out the truth. We have helped in many death investigations and we can help you in yours. We have also been able to get the police to open up cases or reopen based on the evidence we have uncovered.

Are you in need of a Private Investigator that has experience in working many missing person cases?


Please feel free to contact us and I will be more than happy to meet up with you and your family to get started and to get all the necessary information into your file. 

Hiring an Investigator is a small price to pay for peace of mind to help search for  your missing loved one and if needed to get justice for your deceased loved one. 


I look forward to helping you obtain justice, find a missing loved one or at the very least helping you to find answers and be able to move on in your life and get closure if need be. 

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