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          "We Leave No Stone Unturned"

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We deeply care about you and your case.  We are an Agency that operates with Honor, Honesty and Integrity. We have obtained our Colorado Private Investigators License -Level 2- which is the highest level obtainable and have held this License for many years. 


We have also been heard on KBPI Radio, heard and seen on KUHS, seen on KDVR Channel 31-TV and Denver Westward. We also have been a part of and donated time to the Missing Child Networks; Operation Found Safe; We Help The Missing and CFSI -as well as many Attorneys and Private Individuals. 

Our track record, references and awards prove that we are a result driven Agency. We have hundreds of colleagues as well as public case references, please see our Recommendations and References page 1 and Page 2,These are a result of having spent many years building up our presence and reputation sine the start of this Agency, in which we have successfully worked literally thousands of cases.

We are licensed in the State and Federal levels and registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and have been since our inception. We have also obtained all licensing requirements, classes, testing, education, certifications and experience required for our industry as highly skilled and knowledgeable Investigators.

However, we don't stop there, our private investigators strive to achieve results that exceed your expectations and regularly update their skills by; Conducting training, taking classes and keeping up with the changing laws and regulations that govern our industry.


We also carry fugitive recovery/bounty hunting licenses, IDs; and badges for both PI and Fugitive Recovery, as such we have completed our training and submitted all required documentation as per Colorado State Law. We are registered with The Colorado Bureau of Investigations and have received our bounty hunting training from Bobby Brown, Dog the bounty hunter's Buddy...You can see pictures in our Photo Album!

We have well over decades of experience in Private Investigations and have worked with the DAs, Mayors Office, Attorneys, Police and private clients and more. We really care about you and your case and will work within your budget using our state of the art equipment and informational data bases that are not available to the general public and we have also been licensed to use them.

All cases are different and have their own outcomes but we use every tool available to us to help us complete a case and strive to give you the answers in which you are seeking. Our goal is always to investigate every lead and to try and make sure that every stone IS turned. As such, we analyze all of of our facts and evidence found or seen, and do so with great care!!!


We further believe in building respectful and honest relationships and will keep you informed of your case step-by-step.


Please note that our rates are very competitive and we promise that with them we and we will work hard for you.

For your convenience, we will accept all forms of payment; Visa/MC, Debit, Checks, Venmo, PayPal, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, Wire transfers and Cash to make it easier for you.

For your peace of mind this Investigative Agency Is a Trusted and Verified Private Investigative Agency. Although we have built our reputation working all types of cases as of 2022 we are now specializing in the following types of cases.


 Some of the Services we offer Include:


  • Death Investigation

  • Missing Persons

  • Bio Family Locate

  • Other Locates

  • Criminal Background Search

  • Surveillance/Covert Video

  • Bio Family Locate

  •  and more

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