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Pictured are some of our missing and some of our found children.


We understand the trauma you may be experiencing not knowing where your child is and if they are safe, or not. We understand and are parents ourselves, we care about your child and you. We also know that Police departments are inundated with many cases, too many, and that sometimes they cannot or will not help in finding your missing and/ or runaway child. They most times do not have the resources or ability to do what a Private Investigator can do for you in this situation. If you child has runaway this can be extremely difficult for them as well as they do not want to be found and can make it harder on the Police to locate them. They only have a limited number of legal options that they can pursue, we don't...we can sit on it and expend the time and strategy necessary to find your child. We have been very successful in finding those belowand many other missing children and adults.


Brandy T. Jan 25, 2015

I am so grateful for everything Sue and her team did for me when my son was missing in 2012/13. They went above and beyond! I highly recommend!!!




Marki Davis
Thank you Sue Martinez for a job well done! Great job TEAM COLORADO! Shaddai Adams-Age 16
FOUND SAFE!! Those two words make our day! TEAM CFSI!
CFSI Colorado for Missing Children
about 2 weeks ago
Hello Susan,
... My wife and I are so grateful to you and all who are involved in the search for Rusheal. If there is any thing that we can do to repay you, please let us know. We realize that you put a lot of your own time that you really don't have to. We can only thank God above for people like you that help find the lost and reunite them with their loved ones. may god have many blessing's on you. Thank you from the bottom our hearts.
Rickie and Kathy Garcia-7/4/2013
Marki Davis
Big thanks to Investigators, Sue Martinez and Jan Dell and the Rest of TEAM Colorado and all our Volunteers who assisted in this case... Rusheal Garcia is FOUND SAFE !!! July 12, 2013
CFSI Colorado for Missing Children 
21 hours ago
Team CFSI COLORADO IS Happy to announce Rusheal Garcia-FOUND SAFE!!! (C)